Insurance Cross-selling Prediction

Predict insurance customer response towards cross-selling offers using python.

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Sandbox 2.0 is an Insurance Company based in India. The insurance products offered by this company are health insurance and vehicle insurance. In the fourth quarter of 2020, there was a decrease in the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) in vehicle insurance products. Business Team wants to do cross selling on Health Insurance customer who has a vehicle by selling Vehicle Insurance.


Increase number of customer, revenue growth, cost efficiency.

Analytic Approach

Predictive Analysis: build a model that could predict health insurance customer response towards cross-selling offers.

Data Requirements

Historical data of health insurance customer: demography, health insurance premium, vehicle owned, response towards cross-selling.

Data Preparations

We did experiments on features, such as:

- Feature encoding: one hot encoding, label encoding, ordinal encoding, and target encoding.

- Outliers treatment: log transformation, IQR method.

- Class imbalanced: oversampling SMOTE 50:50

- Train-test split: 7:3

- Scaling: standardization


This is a supervised learning problem, to be precise, a binary classification problem. These are some algorithm we have tried:

- Random Forest

- Decision Tree

- XGBoost

- Logistic Regression

- KNN.


After some experiments, we evaluated the model using ROC-AUC score due to its imbalanced class, we decided XGBoost as the chosen model for further step due to its performance on test set (not overfitting).

Result: Insights and Recommendation


We found some insights in the features, but this 2 are the most interesting.

Top 5 Region Code Bar Plot
Top 5 Region Code

West Bengal has the highest conversion rate, business team could focus more on this area to increase customer growth.

Top 5 Policy Sales Channel Bar Plot
Top 5 Policy Sales Channel

Exclusive/captive agent has the highest conversion rate, business team could optimize the use of this channel.


Sales and Marketing:

- Focusing on West Bengal Region to increase customer growth.

- Focusing on Captive Agents to approach our customer segment.

- Utilizing the facts of accident rate, age victim and economic impact to emphasize the importance of insurance on ads.  

- Giving promotions/coupon for the first 1.000 customers as part of acquiring process, such as free towing, fuel voucher, etc.

Strategic Operation:

- Providing special training for captive agents in persuading customers to recommend our service to their relatives (advocation).

- Once customers are acquired, maintain their loyalty by delivering best-in-class customer experiences.

- During conversation between captive agent and potential customers, try to dig feedback for future improvement.

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